November 8, 2016

Book, Latin America: An Interpretive History

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Latin America: An Interpretive History, 10th Edition
by Julie A. Charlip and E. Bradford Burns

For courses in the History of Latin America and Modern Latin America.

A thoroughly updated examination of Latin American 
Latin America: An Interpretive History interweaves the story of Latin America with coverage of broader themes and regional differences. Building upon the work of original author E. Bradford Burns, current author Julie Charlip presents Latin American history as a continuum to help students make connections among time periods and events, and see the impact of the past upon the present. A new closing chapter examines in detail the “Pink Tide”–the swing left in Latin America that began at the end of the twentieth century and has continued over the last 15 years.  

• Sharp, succinct analysis of the central dynamic of Latin American history—the paradox that poor people inhabit rich lands—encourages student participation through thoughtful examination of historical controversies that stimulate debate and discussion in class.
• An entire chapter dedicated to the Mexican Revolution—Chapter 7, “The Mexican Explosion”—helps students gain an in-depth understanding of this important event in Mexican history.
• An eight-page color insert, entitled “Latin America through Art," offers samples from Latin America's rich artistic tradition, revealing both change and continuity in Latin American culture from the arrival of Spaniards to the present day. This visually engaging section provides insight into the culture of Latin America while commanding student interest.

Series: Pearson; 10 edition, available here.
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Pearson; 2016

ISBN-13: 978-0133745825

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