November 29, 2016

Book, Development in Theory and Practice

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Development in Theory and Practice
by Ronald H. Chilcote - Contributions By Haroldo Dilla Alfonso; Thomas Angotti; Ricardo Antunes; David Barkin and others...

This definitive reader brings together seminal articles on development in Latin America. Tracing the concepts and major debates surrounding the issue, the text focuses on development theory through three contrasting historical perspectives: imperialism, underdevelopment and dependency, and globalization. By offering a rich array of essays from Latin American Perspectives, the book allows students to sample all the important trends in the field. A new general introduction and conclusion, along with part introductions, contextualize each selection. One of the leading figures in development studies, Ronald Chilcote shows in this text why work on imperialism dating to the turn of the twentieth century informs the controversies on dependency and underdevelopment during the 1960s and 1970s as well as the globalization debates of the past decade. If students are to understand development in Latin America, they must not only be familiar with historical examples and recognize that various theoretical perspectives affect our interpretation of events, they must be willing to keep an open mind. Thus, rather than setting out established premises, this reader offers different points of view, raising provocative questions about Latin America that remain largely unanswered even today. Students will come away from this rewarding collection ready to pursue new understanding through critical inquiry and thinking.

A concise and valuable critique of the most important themes in Latin American economic development. Recommended. (CHOICE)

This collection of essays provides an excellent compendium of readings on a wide range of important topics related to development, capitalism, socialism, imperialism, and Latin American politics and economic affairs. (Richard Harris, California State University, Monterey Bay)

About the Author
Ronald H. Chilcote is professor of economics and political science at the University of California, Riverside, and managing editor of Latin American Perspectives.

Series: Latin American Perspectives in the Classroom
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; 2003

ISBN-13: 978-0742523937

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