September 22, 2016

LAP Sept. Issue 2016, The Resurgence of Collective Memory, Truth, and Justice Mobilizations Part 2: Artistic and Cultural Resistance

Edited by: Roberta Villalón
Issue 210 | Volume 43 | Number 5 | September 2016

Table of Contents
Since the turn of the century, various Latin American countries have witnessed a second wave of memory, truth, and justice mobilizations to address unresolved human rights abuses of past military regimes and civil conflicts. This issue-the second of a three-part series on the politics of collective memory-illustrate how artistic and cultural expressions have been created and used to tackle these dilemmas and informed memorialization, justice seeking, and reconciliation in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay. These studies point to how the limitations of democratization, peace, and reconciliation processes have shaken communities into collective mobilization including the use of artistic and cultural means to keep memory alive and push for justice.

Tomas Ocampo, Outreach Coordinator for Latin American Perspectives, interviews issue editor Roberta Villalón about the LAP issue, "The Resurgence of Collective Memory, Truth, and Justice Mobilizations Part 2," published in September 2016.

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