November 18, 2015

Meet LAP editor Armando Gonzalez-Caban

Armando González-Cabán, Ph.D.

Armando Gonzalez-Caban

4955 Canyon Crest Drive
United States
Phone: 951-680-1525

Publications & Products 

Sánchez, José J.; Baerenklau, Ken; González-Cabán, Armando. 2015. Valuing Hypothetical Wildfire Impacts With A Kuhn-Tucker Model Of Recreation Demand.

Rodríguez y Silva , F.; Molina Martínez, J.R.; González-Cabán, Armando. 2014. A Methodology For Determining Operational Priorities For Prevention And Suppression Of Wildland Fires.

González-Cabán, Armando; Fernández-Ramiro, M.M.; Conese, Claudio; Bosello, Francesco; Núñez, Jorge; Otrachshenko, Victor; Orr, B.J. 2014. Perils In The Adaptation Of Fire Management To A Changing World.

González-Cabán, Armando; Holmes, Thomas P.; Loomis, John B.; Sánchez, José J. 2013. Does Personal Experience Affect Choice-Based Preferences For Wildfire Protection Programs.

Sánchez, José J.; Baerenklau, Ken; González-Cabán, Armando; Schwabe, Kurt. 2013. Economics Of Forest Fire Management: Spatial Accounting Of Costs And Benefits.

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