August 7, 2015

Abstract: Commentary by David Barkin, Progressive Forces for Change in Latin America: A Missing Element in Katz’s Analysis

:::::: Abstract ::::::

by David Barkin

Claudio Katz offers an important contribution to the debate regarding the present conjuncture for policy formulation and economic organization in Latin America. His essay presents a clear challenge to thinkers on both the left and the right; this is not a new position for Claudio, but by publishing it in Latin America Perspectives he brings the discussion squarely into the arena of progressive thinkers in the “global North.” His essay clearly describes the profound chasm that characterizes much of the present discussion in academic and policy making circles: between a stormy adaptation to capitalist oppression and an unexplored and renewed process of constructing socialism.
His diagnosis takes us far beyond the dominant debates that currently concern expert analysts of Latin America. The center of today’s debates and targets for discussion is the primary-products-based productive systems and “commodities consensus” that dominates political discussion in the region and are the focus of the search for alternatives. There is broad agreement that these are not the best ways to promote development, but even the most progressive political regimes appear to be obliged to increase and even intensify primary …


Latin American Perspectives 2015 42: 47-50

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