August 17, 2017

Film Review, Undistinguished Citizens: The Guilty, the Nobodies, and the Untamed

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Undistinguished Citizens: The Guilty, the Nobodies, and the Untamed
by Jennifer Lynde Barker

La región salvaje
Escalante Amat La región salvaje (The Untamed), Mexico2016.
El ciudadano ilustre
Cohn Mariano & Duprat Gastón El ciudadano ilustre (The Distinguished Citizen), Argentina2016
Los nadie
Mesa Juan Sebastián Los nadie (The Nobodies), Colombia2016.
Gaona Iván D. Pariente (Guilty Men), Colombia2016.

The Venice International Film Festival in 2016 offered a promising selection of films from Latin America. Four films in particular stood out: La región salvaje, directed by Amat Escalante; El ciudadano ilustre, directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat; Los nadie, directed by Juan Sebastián Mesa; and Pariente, directed by Iván D. Gaona. Three of these films also won major awards (Best Director to Amat Escalante, Best Actor to Oscar Martínez in El ciudadano ilustre, and the Venice Critics’ Week audience award to Los nadie). While distinctive in narrative focus and national origin, all these films contemplate politics in its most basic and intimate form: the struggle for power and peaceful expression between groups and individuals and the crucial role in this struggle of men with guns. They also address in both standard and imaginative ways some of the systemic problems these countries have struggled with in the past half century, including human rights violations, political corruption, drug cartels, kidnappings, disappearances, guerrilla warfare, poverty, and injustice. But while they are specific in terms of social and national scenarios, they also speak to contemporary political issues on a global scale and in the United States in particular....



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