December 27, 2016

Book, Global Security Watch—Venezuela

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Global Security Watch—Venezuela
by Daniel Hellinger

This in-depth study provides a timely assessment of how the foreign, military, and security policies of Venezuela shape relations with the United States in the Chavez era.

The growing importance of Venezuela in the global oil market along with the controversial nature of its leadership provoke concern among some world powers—especially the United States, whose international policies have been heavily criticized by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. This critical look at American/Venezuelan relations presents perceptions held by each government of the other and examines the sources of tensions—and points of confluence—between the two countries.

Global Security Watch—Venezuela traces the political relations between the United States and Venezuela from the early roots based in Pan Americanism to the domestic and foreign policies of the Chavez regime, including petro-diplomacy. This book provides a serious examination of the allegations about Venezuelan involvement in the drug trade, terrorism, and intervention; the view that the unilateralism of the United States threatens world peace; and the future of relations between the two countries.


  • Primary source documents including key speeches, foreign policy documents, and interviews with prominent politicians
  • A detailed chronology of events traces the history of American/Venezuelan relations
  • An extensive bibliography listing print, digital, and video resources for further research


  • Traces the evolution of Venezuela's role as a major oil export nation and key player within OPEC
  • Examines the influence of Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution in the Americas
  • Reveals the truth behind Venezuela's relations with Iran, arms purchases, connections to terrorism, and the drug trade
  • Provides an unprecedented review of Venezuelan foreign relations as it pertains to domestic and international security issues

Series: Praeger Security International
Hardcover: 222 pages
Publisher: Praeger (August 17, 2012)
ISBN-13: 978-0313393037

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